Write Vibes provides high quality written content for the underground dance music industry with a focus on Drum & Bass and Jungle music.

Our goals are simple:

• To produce writing that rivals your music in it's quality and creativity.
• To help unite musicians, brands and audiences throughout our music culture.
• To provide a service that channels the passion of the music scene we inhabit.

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Need writing that has the same passion put into it as the music you make?

Write Vibes is an agency which provides writing services for; artists, record labels and brands in the underground dance music scene. We lovingly craft exquisite written content for releases, events, news and anything else that requires the delicate touch of a dedicated wordsmith. Consider us a more personal and involved PR agency, focused on the written aspect of your work, one which has a real investment in the scene which we inhabit. Run by staff who immerse themselves in this music, we're not just doing a job, we share the same passion that you do! Our work sees us specialise in underground bass music, particularly jungle/drum&bass and other alternative genres. We're confident you'll find satisfaction in both the content we produce and also any relationship we develop.

Founded and directed by music journalist, DJ and all round lover of bass music Antony Christou who has worked for and alongside;

Cabin Fever
Natty Dub Recordings
DJ Dazee
Ruffneck Ting
Con*Natural Music
Jazzsticks Recordings
Luke EP
Breakout Recordings
Listening Sessions
Chameleon Audio
Run Artists Agency
City of Colours

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